• Green-House © Technology
    Earth-Sheltered Housing

    A new way of living protected by nature. A revolutionary building system, registered in the Library of Congress of the U.S.A. as a new technology.

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Green-House Technology offers the possibility of multiple coating options, such as grass and gardens, growing racks for food production, desert sand and snow in areas of extreme cold:

100% Green-Homes         
Homes That Produce Food
casas_ecologicas casas ecologicas

100% Green Homes covered with

natural gardens, flowers and all the

magic of nature. – See PDF

Arable Houses covered with vegetables and fruits that provides food to their in habitants. – See PDF
Homes for Desert Areas

Homes for Cold Climates

casas ecologicas casas ecologicas

Beautiful  Houses  covered with

Sand, Rocks and Cactus of

great freshness In its interior . - See PDF

Bio-Climated Houses ideal for the Snow, protected by the earth that saves energy . - See PDF

Green-House © Technology

Can you imagine living under your garden, your flowers, your trees, in a green, vibrant, living environment? All this made ​​possible by the new technology of Green-House © ColFibrex. Fully waterproof and neat spaces, built with modular elements made ​​of fibers and resins art, at reasonable costs and endless possibilities of design and comfort, fast assembly and safely at Engineering and Construction.

Earth-Sheltered housing uses the insulation and stability of the surrounding earth , plants, rocks and trees to provide an even temperature throughout the year. Clean architecture, free of humidity, smooth surfaces, rounded corners, washable walls, well-lit and airy spaces and infinite design possibilities, whose mission is to go beyond all your expectations.


Just like animals instinctively go underground to protect themselves from the heat, the cold, and the effects of the weather, Green-House © Technology by ColFibrex provides an entirely new way of living protected by the earth.


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